Draft Meta Data Scan

Fort Collins, Colorado
This Chord Diagram filters plans based on key lifeline infrastructure categories, used within each respective report.

Click on a node to see its relevance to each category, or click on a category to see what plans are most relevant to that category.

Category Breakdown

Terms used in the scan.


health, hospitals, hospital, clinic, clinics, fire station,fire stations, police, law enforcement


communications, communication, telecommunication, telecommunications, cellular tower, cell tower, tower, towers, wireless, cellular, mobile


bus, busses, public transportation, public transit, road, roads, highways, highway,rail, railway, train, trains, airport, airports, flight, flights, plane, planes


water, runoff, wastewater, treatment


flooding, flood, floods, flooded, fire, fires, wildfire, wildfires, burn, burned, winter storm, winter storms, winter storm, winter storms, drought, droughts, wind, winds, disease, diseases, outbreak, outbreaks


energy, electricity, electric, power


Sizing of each node is controlled by the amount of hits that plan has to each lifeline infrastructure category.

Gradient of each node is controlled by how relavent that plan is to the chosen category through percentage base. The darker the color means the higher percentage that plan has mentions of the lifeline category.